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#24 Jeff Gordon DuPont Motorsports Neon Sign

#24 Jeff Gordon DuPont Motorsports Neon Sign

#24 Jeff Gordon DuPont Motorsports Neon Sign
Stock: Yes
Type: Racing
Brand: automotive
Size: 32" x 28"
Price for one: $399.00

FIVE COLORS!!!!-RED-BLUE-WHITE-GREEN-YELLOW!!! Here is an incredible NASCAR JEFF GORDON #24 DuPONT MOTORSPORTS Neon Sign NIB in mint condition. Replacement parts available always. Full metal,sturdy frame and UL approved transformer. Are you a huge fan of Jeff Gordon? Do you follow him blindly in all NASCAR races? Then you must own this DuPont Motorsport Neon Sign. You certainly must if you own a bar or a pub which you market using sports as the predominant factor. This particular piece of beauty also goes pretty well with your automobile garage if you do own one. Jeff Gordon is a terrific sports person and most NASCAR fans are huge fans of him as well. The drives the world famous #24 Chevrolet Impala sponsored by DuPont, Pepsi and Drive to End Hunger. Many people prefer to buy small artifacts and collectables that represent the car, Jeff Gordon himself, and other motorsport accessories. Your bar will certainly be filled with several Jeff Gordon fans during every NASCAR event when you decorate your bar with this beautiful neon sign. The sign comes in 5 different colors and in mint condition. Replacement parts are always available and it comes in full metal, sturdy frame and UL approved transformer. Priced at 399$ this sign comes in 32”x28” size.

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