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Neon Light Articles

Monday, April 19, 2010

When you plan to advertise your brand name or anew product that you are going to launch under you brand, you will have to have an idea to advertise it's launch grandly and attract as much as clients as possible to your shop, outlet or showroom. You would always want the advertisement that you do to support and boost your business to be attractive and unique from among the competition that you face from others. It's natural that every business should stand unique to get it own set of customers. If you need to win over the satisfaction of your customers you need to show your quality in your products, same way to invite more customers to buy your product, you need to attract them first.
When you have to be unique and at the same time attract more customers then the best thing that can fulfill your desires is a neon light or a neon sign board. A neon sign board is capable of creating a center of attention with its bright and colorful display of your brand logo. You can convey any message or your brand's slogan with a neon sign board. You can have your own unique custom made neon boards and neon signs as per your wish. You have range of colors designs and you can do everything you dream of with neon lights. So expect anything creative and you can get it done. You don't have to worry about even the space you need to have for neon signs. It's true that one of the major problems for advertising a product is to have large space facility to put those costly banners or vinyl hoardings. But the best part about neon sign boards is that they don't need a lot of space or time to install it. You can order for a neon sign board and get it in hand within a few working days and install it in few hours. On top of everything, neon signs are very much cost effective when compared with other types of advertisement banners. These are very much easy to maintain as well. You won't have to repair or keep dusting your neon signs to keep them bright. Neon lights are famous for its low maintenance and it's just enough if you dust them with a cloth one in a year or so. Once you invest in a neon sign or a neon open sign you can stay without any thought about it for minimum 10 to 12 years.
The best place where you can get custom made neon light that are of best quality is My Neon Heaven. Here you can get everything from beer signs, neon clocks, advertising signs, business signs, and open signs, bar signs, tattoo neon, petro retro signs and much more. You will get the best customer satisfaction with the service of My Neon Heaven and happy about the rate at which you own an eye catchy sign that attracts your customers and welcome them in. Why wait get the best neon sign boards and neon light form My Neon Heaven and decorate your shop, pub, bar, show room, hotel, or any kind of commercial places.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Many of us must have been earlier fascinated by the brightly lit streets of Las Vegas that looks like day even after the sun set. The streets that are filled with casinos, theaters, hotels, pubs and lot of other entertainments those are all bright and colorful to attract the crowd in. Have you ever thought about those colorful lights when you pass by? Or have you ever thought about the specialty of open signs of motels, petrol bunks and restaurants that attracts your eyes while driving in a highway from long? No the point to think over is- What are those colorful lights made up of? And how are they brightly colored?
Here is the answer for you- These bright light that are bent in different forms and shapes are Neon lights that comes in a range of beautiful and attractive colors. The biggest advantage of these light is that it can be bent in any desired forms are required. For example, if you need a neon light sign board for your clinic, shop, hotel, cafe or restaurant you can ask for the logo of your business to be displayed with the help of these bright lights. You need not mistaken these light to be costly or hard to maintain as it seems to be, these are on of the best energy saving lights and need very minimal and sometimes no maintenance for along period.

If you are a business owner it's very essential for you to advertise the product that you are selling or you need to make people know that you are ready for business. Have you ever imagined how costly is to own a vinyl hoarding or a banner on top of your shop or any other place and they don't last longer even, But these neon sign boards and open signs last longer even up to 12 years and more. That too, they don’t need any maintenance as they stay lively till the end without giving any problems or tough task. If you feel that your Neon sign looks a little dusty then it enough it you us apiece of rag to dust it.
Being a business owner, you can't concentrate on these small things or waste as well as invest too much on advertisements as you have a lot of things to do other that this. Neon Sign Boards are like boon to people like you as they are very much affordable and you will feel happy that you have bought one for yourself.

You can get all your neon sign need fulfilled at one stop at My Neon Heaven. They can provide Neon signs that are noticeable, cost effective and can be used to decorate your outlet as they can be got in a lot of custom made shapes, size and colors according to your taste that matches the environment. Other than neon signs you can get a lot of neon clocks and neon ornamental decorative to adorn the walls and ceilings of your shops, hotels, bars and pubs. Go for My Neon Heaven to get the best rate and best product with great service that will make you to feel happy for your choice.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Are you tired of printing colorful pamphlets, notice papers and other advertisement measures to pull up your business? We know how difficult it is to spend lots on advertisements and other makeovers for your shop, hotel, restaurant, café, outlet or bar. You might have spent thousands of dollars last summer to attract customers to your shop and it has all turned old and need a fresh look allover again. Have you ever thought about away by which you can in fact stay in trend for a long time? Have you ever thought about being different and in fact unique from among your competitors? It’s true that only when a business is special from the others of the crowd, it can win customers and shine. Never forget that your business can shine only when you keep it fresh and ready for ever. Just think over if you would be interested to make business or buy stuffs from a shop that looks dull and boring. You can imagine how your potential customers are walking across your outlet or business place as you don’t attract them by any means. You might have better stuffs than others but what is the use if it if you don’t know how to cover more customers into your shop?What else can be the best choice for you redecorated your shop in cheap ways and attract your customers might be the question that is running inside your mind… And here is the answer to your question and a ways to boost your business in a better and cheaper ways. Can you imagine that you can take full control over your business’s success with one simple step that might not take much of you time, energy or money? Yes all this is practically possible, and the magical word is ‘Neon Lights’.

Neon lights used for commercial reasons are called as Business Neon Light. Just spending a few hundred dollars over attractive, trendy, bright and efficient neon light signs can just pull up your business in a way that you might haven’t never ever dreamt about. On top of everything, the thought that you can design your own neon sign can be more fascinating that any exiting plans for your business. You can always tell how you want your neon signs to look like and it can be done at the right way. All is fine, if you had prepared for a bright business neon sign to be placed outside your showroom or café, then next thing that we can tell you is about Myneonheaven who are one among the front-runners who provide the best solutions and service for all your neon sign needs.They can offer you best service and designs that is unique to denote you and your brand name. Imagine having those bright signs outside your shop telling that you are open and ready for business to potential customers who pass by you. Get great professional ideas of decorating your bar, café or showroom with neon lights and signs from Myneonheaven and enhance your trade.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Whatever business you are into, the first thing you need to concentrate on for a good business is making people know that you are there and ready to carry out exiting trade offers to them. So, how is that you can tell them that you are ready and fresh? We at myneonheaven offer your business neon sign boards and lights at a reasonable price and exceptional quality. Particularly when to plan to start off a new business, the item of most important substance is to let your clients be informed about your presence as we said above. This purpose would not be much more productive if not covering the people with an outdoor business neon sign board and few decorative neon lights inside the shop too…The main point to look here is that a good number of businessmen who were to begin with unconvinced and doubtful with regards to the efficiency and quality of our neon signs were in a shortly while after the assembling of the light, astonished and in high spirits to see what wonders had our neon signs had worked out for their business. In fact our business Neon signs and neon lights of beautiful colors we have had put on the reputation, status and a quality statement among the clients and have now turn out to be so normal that customers actually look for them for every new store and additional space they include in their show room.

The neon sign boards we manufacture are custom made and intended to decorated and give a face-lift to the entrance of your potential retail outlet. Our neon sign boards that we offer you are sure to build up time-honored greetings and ease feeling to the customers who step in your store. See in your mind's eye your state without the shine and the all the rage feel of our neon sign flashing outside your shop.public who walk across your shop will think that your shop is closed as it is dull and this case is more likely to happen when its after the sunset. As a result, you will have to be unable to find a lot of good customers and buyers. In fact we came to know through a recent poll that good number banks praised the return of neon signs as tremendously successful for introducing outside the ATM outlets. Even many trade gurus have stated that nothing is as effective as o catch a human eye after the sunset like a bright pleasant red sign glowing in the dark in different shapes. Same ways we have been the pioneers of quality and efficient neon light and customer satisfaction has proven to be extremely successful in pulling the customers attraction towards you. Just think about the attraction that is needed for a gas stations and small independent convenience stores those are on a highway, they all should definitely have a neon business sign so that they can make people know that they are here for business. After all this is the best way of cheap and beneficial self advertisement.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The history of neon signs is very interesting and new. The neon sign is actually regarded as an evolution of the Geissler tube or the so called Crookes tube. These primitive forms are made up of a glass tube for representing the principles of electrical discharge. Invented by a German physicist cum glassblower Heinrich Geissler, the Geissler tube were evacuated glass cylinders with an electrode at each end. They contain one or more rare gasses like neon, argon, other conductive liquids or ionizable minerals and more. A high voltage of electrical current is a made to flow into the gas tube through their terminals. What happens next is the current disassociates the electrons of the gas molecules that create ions. Then when these disassociated electrons recombine with the ions it creates lightning effects of different nature and color.Neon signs are nothing but attractive luminous-tube signs that is filled with neon or any other inert gases, which is kept at a low pressure level. When a few thousand Voltages are applied to the gas, it makes the gas filled in the glass tube glow brightly with different colors according to the gas filled in. These signs are fashioned according to the customers need by the technique of bending the glass tubes into attractive different sizes and shapes. A person who is skilled in the craft of making neon light signs is known as a glass bender, neon or tube bender.

When it comes to Neon lights, there are contradictory stories for its origin. It is said that a sign created by Perley G. Nutting that was made to display the word “neon” was revealed at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904. But on the other hand, this state was disputed later. The growth of neon light was also accredited to Georges Claude’s two 38-foot long neon tubes in December 1910 at the Paris Expo. These neon signs are widely used in advertising the names of shops malls and decorations. The neon lights are eye-catching and hence attract more customers for a shop. We all know that a business can happen only when they generate a need and neon signs does creates the need of what they sell in your mind. Business men tried to draw more consumers to their shop but, without a proper advertisement even quality product are not sold.

A real big money is spent on shop’s rent and other maintenance abut advertisement of the shop had no big importance. Now time has changed and many business men are using neon lights to decorate their trade and use neon signs to attract customers. Above all, neon lights are comparatively cheaper than the big hording that will get repaired in 2 to 3 years. These colorful lights will save your money to a great extent. No one can deny the fact that only when you attract your customers’ attention you can make business. The main focus of these Neon Signs is the after-sunset business that normally many business men loose.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

There are many marketing tools that business enterprises deploy to promote sales and enlarge the customer base. Some of them are yellow pages, TV commercials, radio spots, flyers and mailers. It is an acknowledged fact that most of the marketing methods are quite expensive and in most cases, not affordable for small businesses. However, one of the most effective and yet economical ways to make sure your business becomes more visible and noticed by prospective clients is to install neon signs.

It is not difficult to choose neon signs for your business all that you need to bear in mind is that the neon signs must be adequately eye-catchy convey your message to your customers as effectively as possible. Some excellent neon open signs can be easily found in the market and even if you cannot find the right one for your type of business, you can always also opt for custom signs that will be made according to your specifications. It is preferable to choose custom signs because they will certainly look the way you would wish them to be. Neon signs have, in recent times, gained a lot of popularity as a medium of outdoor advertising. They are attractive, attention-grabbing, cheap and of proven effectiveness.

Business owners attach a lot of importance to neon open signs. This is one thing most commonly used to let customers know whether the business is open or closed. There are various ways to let customers know about the business hours. But the most assured way to attract and arrest the attention of a lot of customers is neon open sign. Neon open signs come with catchy bright lights, unique fonts, pleasing shapes and different sizes. Neon open signs could be horizontal, vertical, zigzag or curvaceous.

Neon open signs can be displayed in storefront windows, doorways, entrance, adjoining properties, nearby road sites and many other locations you feel appropriate. The common practice is to hang the open neon signs on the entrance doors. But the drawback is one can never notice them unless he/she is right in front of the door. Neon open signs are ideal for many kinds of businesses including retail outlets, beauty salons, ice cream parlours, eateries, restaurants, night clubs, bars, casinos, specialty service establishments etc. To make the open neon sign even more attractive and fanciful, business owners are looking to order neon signs in various interesting shapes and designs such as pizza, ice cream cones appropriate to their business or in differently colored fluorescents. Some business owners like to put images on their neon open signs just to make it more appealing to customers. Open neon signs are extremely versatile and the design option are truly endless.

An open signs is even more essential for businesses that maintain odd working hours or open until after midnight - so that customers can troop in. As a matter of fact, the bright and radiant neon colors create a festive mood during late nights, making customers happier to conduct business.

In today's scenario when competetion is hotting up staying asnd surviving in business is a challenging proposition. Displaying a fabulous open neon sign will be a helpful way to combat competetion. Many online neon sign sellers offer high-quality neon products at competitive prices and you may as well find one that best suits your business.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

There cannot be two opinions that Neon signs are an attractive and cost-effective way of advertising for any business – particularly retail outlets, restaurants, bars, casinos etc. It is interesting to know that despite the advancement in technology, neon signs are still handcrafted and the manufacturing of a neon sign just cannot be achieved by a machine.

The manufacturing of neon signs calls for some experience and expertise. The artisan heats a glass tube into a pliable shape and then moulds the desired design and lettering as per the user’s requirements. During this process of continuous heating and bending, air is let into the tube to maintain its hollow shape. After the designing is done, the tubes are vacuumed out using a suction pump, after which an inert gas is let into the tube.
As a matter of fact, this inert gas determines the color of the neon sign. The gas-filled tube glows when current is passed through it ionizing the gas, thus causing it to glow. Contrary to popular belief, neon gas tubes do not contain any filament like an ordinary light bulb and as such, they are long-lasting, ranging from ten to fifteen years. Most users favor larger tube diameters as they provide greater visibility from a distance, and are more effective in illuminating front letters - though larger diameter neon tubing is less brilliant.

As compared with neon signs, EL-Wire (electroluminescent wire) signs are less popular. To those who may not be familiar, the wire has a copper core coated with phosphor and plastic. Around that plastic coated core are two ultra thin wires, and the whole assembly is encased in clear or colored plastic to give it color. EL-Wire runs on an AC current at 400-4000 hz.

You will have to attach it to an inverter or sequencer that runs on 1.5-12 Volts DC. EL-Wire signs can be small enough to fit into your pocket or even large enough to light your entire car or business signs. EL-Wire is versatile and you can use EL-Wire nearly anywhere. EL Wire Signs have their own merits. As a matter of fact, EL-Wire can be created with in fine detail that is not possible with neon. EL-Wire signs can be powered by battery, solar, or wall plug. Any design can be used to create a rugged, bright, and long lasting sign.
The advantages of EL-Wire signs are:

* El wire signs are relatively inexpensive
* El wire signs can be customized
* El wire signs do not get hot
* El wire signs are much lighter than neon signs
* El wire signs are flexible so any style of font can be used
* El wire signs can last for several hundreds of hours
* El wire signs consume 1/10th of the power of a traditional neon sign.

EL-Wire is a great marketing tool for many businesses. Many people believe that neon signs are becoming obsolescent and EL-Wire looks better, more versatile and is the technology of the future. EL Wire is beginning to pop up everywhere from billboards, to street signs, and even building logos. It is reported that for the cost of lighting an old neon sign for a day, you can light a new age EL-Wire sign for the entire month.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Neon sign easily catch the eye of all passers because they are made with the intention to grab the attention of people. But the best thing to do is to opt for open signs because you need a simple and yet catchy theme for your neon signs.

neon signs are the most economical and yet effective mode of advertising. Your neon signs must be imaginatively designed and they should be able to convey your business message to your customers in the most effective manner.

Neon signs have become tremendously popular ranging from a small advertising sign to massive displays outside huge shopping complexes – particularly bars, restaurants and casinos.

There is no denying that neon signs have a unique appeal, and serve as items of marvel in homes, retail outlets and business establishments all over the world. That is why it is good idea to use neon signs to promote the visibility of your business.

So many people who regularly pass by your shop daily might be simply unaware of your existence. But the day you install a flashy neon sign, their attention will be drawn to your business and chances are quite a few of them will walk in. Many retail business owners who were somewhat frustrated at not being able to attract enough customers to their shop have found the installation of neon sign make a huge difference to their business.

Neon signs are inexpensive and yet a magical way to send out sales messages to potential customers. Installation of neon signs in any prominent locality where the human and automobile traffic is thick can work wonders for any business. Neon signs carrying crisp messages about your product/services will fetch you a lot of publicity and consequent customer turn-out.

Almost any business – be it big or small - can benefit from a bright, flashy and attention-grabbing neon sign. Not only does it help people find your business and encourage them to enter, it makes a lasting impression on everyone who passes by. The most common choice for a really bright, colorful, noticeable sign is a neon sign.
Difficult to believe, but even a simple innocuous one word “OPEN” sign glowing brightly on the entrance door can make a world of difference and drive a lot of visitors into your establishment. Because the bright colors psychologically lure a person and compel him/her to read your messages.

Neon sign, for it to be successful, should be able to convey the marketing message in a crisp and easy-to-remember manner. When prospective customers look at a neon sign the message must instantly register in their minds. Any unique design and well-worded message will certainly compel the attention of the passers by.

Conventional signs generally consist of a single word or name of the business or some very short message. Neon signs are now made more informative and being widely used as effective tools for advertising, navigation, directions, instructions, notification and even warnings. The neon sign must be placed at a vantage point so that customers will have no difficulty spotting and reading it. For neon sign advertising to be successful,

Neon signs are a great medium to attract wide publicity and economic way of reaching out to the masses that no business should overlook. Research has shown that a neon sign will improve your business by 15% or more as soon as they are installed.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Neon open signs for businesses are considered by many business owners as the most effective way to let commuters who pass by know the existence of your outlet and that it is open and ready to receive customers. With the neon open sign, businesses are able to successfully capture the attention of prospective customers.

Many retail outlets including bars, restaurants, convenience stores, wayside shops use neon open signs to attract customers. Some of them also display pictures of beer, pizza, or any other product they sell into their neon open signs. You can have your open neon sign crawl, strobe, and even flash.

Many business owners also want to know where exactly they should place their new neon open sign. The obvious answer is to find out the most vantage point where from the visibility will be maximum for passing customers and place the neon there. You must decide on how many signs you need, especially if you have more than one vantage position or there are some ideal places inside the business area where neon signs can be installed.The simple logic is the more neon signs you install, the more customer attention your business will draw. It is imperative that you choose a neon open sign to make sure, that it will meet your needs and fetch you optimum publicity mileage. Depending on the positions you wish to install the neon signs, you must determine the size and style of the signs.

It is preferable to have business neon signs custom made and manually made, so that it is eminently suited to your particular business. This way you can also take your time into thinking about what you need for a design and what kind of colors will be appropriate.

As of today, there are hundreds of different colors available for you to choose from. One of the best things about having neon open business signs is that so many colors are available that you certainly can mix or match to get the exact color scheme for your business. Typically, brighter colors are more eye-catchy and grab the attention of your potential customers to draw them into doing business with you.

If small businesspersons want to run their businesses profitably and increase their customer-base, they should compulsorily set aside some money for investing in open neon sign. A quality neon sign can create a huge impact in helping a small business attract customer traffic. Get a prominent open 24 hours neon sign if your shop is open at all times. A sale is after all a number game and the more people you can lure into your outlet, the more chances you make a sale. It is worth spending a few extra dollars on a real neon open sign for the front of your business and it will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

A business often gets unnoticed, and the owners could bring their business into limelight by simply adding an open neon sign. The open neon signboards are able to grab the attention of the customers who are walking or driving by your storefront. The main reason why most business organizations make use of neon open signs is, to make more business.

Neon signs are made up of tough plastics and cannot be broken easily. It consumes less electricity, so the energy is converted into heat, in this way the electricity and gives you improved brightness and lasts long. Neon signs do not take up much space and even stand out in small crevices Neon signs are considered as the most inexpensive, cost-effective, popular and vibrant method of advertisements of modern era.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When starting a new business, the thing of primary importance is to let customers know about your presence. This objective cannot be better achieved than having an outdoor neon sign. Most businesspersons who were initially skeptical about the effectiveness of neon signs were later on surprised to see what wonders neon signs can do to one's business. Neon signs have gained in popularity and have become so commonplace that customers actually look for them before entering a store.

Neon signs at the entrance to a retail outlet are like extending customary welcome to the customers. Imagine a scenario without a neon sign flashing outside your restaurant - people who walk by will imagine the restaurant is closed - this is more so during late evenings and nights. Thus, you will lose many hungry diners.Most banks commend the advantages of neon signs as extremely effective for placing outside ATM booths. Even psychologists are veering round to the view that nothing draws the human eye quicker than a bright red sign glowing in the dark. Neon has proven to be highly effective in attracting the public attention. Gas stations and small independent convenience stores benefit immensely from neon signs advertising.

Neon signs in front of specific business outlets attract the attention of potential customers as well. For instance, outside a beer bar, a neon sign can not only advertise this fact but also even display the specific types of beer they sell. Neon Signs are a great publicity tool for all businesses and have been proven to lure customers and contribute to profit. The benefits of neon signs for retail stores, restaurants, convenience stores, and other small businesses are enormous.

Small business owners, who are somewhat frustrated at not being able to attract enough customers, can see their business fortunes drastically change with the installation of neon signs. Neon signs are inexpensive and yet a magical way to make more and more potential customers take notice of your business and eventually turn into customers.Please know the applications of neon signs are many and certainly not limited to signs outside retail outlet or convenience stores. Neon sign popularity is steadily on the increase and nowadays neon is used on cars and trucks, for fancy lighting, business signage, celebration lighting on public buildings etc.

Neon signs are arguably one of the economical and most cost effective methods of commercial advertising. Neon Lights truly stand out at night, arresting attention of all passers by and the commuting public, contributing to the enlargement of client base for businesses. More and more organizations are readily coming forward to invest in neon signs as it is an assured way of arresting public attention for their products and services.

To those who may not be aware, the electrical consumption of neon lighting is very low compared with other type of lighted advertising. Another big advantage of neon is its versatility for you can choose the shape and style of neon, specific colors and desired size. Neon can also be used effectively as part of a marketing campaign to highlight the features of products / services offered by companies. Business enterprises should seriously consider investing in neon signs as a part of their marketing strategy. Neon signs are also easy to maintain, environment friendly and can be programmed to display different messages.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

As is known to many, neon signs are nothing more than some colorful display made of gas-filled glass tubes and bent into the shape of letters or decorative designs of one's choice. If a high-voltage electrical current is passed through the gas, the tubes emit glow and brightens the place. Several different types of gases are used in neon tubes. Neon Signs have become tremendously popular ranging from a small advertising sign to massive displays outside huge shopping complexes - particularly bars, restaurants and casinos.
Although neon gas was originally used in neon signs, today usage of neon gas is restricted to producing reds and orange hues only. The latest process involves using either argon, or an argon-neon mixture, for making neon signs. To increase the intensity of the light or to produce a concentrated blue light, some people add a small amount of mercury to argon and the effect is truly brilliant. Experts suggest that optical tints in various colors may also be used and Xenon, krypton, and helium gases can be used for special color effects.

The glass tubing used in neon signs is made of soft lead glass, so that it is capable of bending easily for making different designs. The electrodes used in each end of a section of illuminated tubing are made of virgin iron surrounded by a cylindrical glass jacket with one end open. A wire is then attached to the metal electrode and made to pass through the closed end of the glass jacket. The closed end is sealed into the end of the sign tubing while the open end is left protruding into the tube.

High voltage electricity required to power the Neon Sign comes from a transformer, which converts the 120 volts from the electrical lines to as much as 15,000 volts for the sign... The wire is connected to the transformer through an insulated housing made of borosilicate glass with a spring connection on one end. The transformer and wires needed for neon signs are available in the market.

Manufacturing neon sign is both an art and a technical process. Imaginative designing is necessary to make each sign unique and look different and to suit the desired display. Neon signs must be made to exact size keeping in mind the available installation space. Manufacturing neon signs, simply stated, consists of bending the tubing and attaching the electrodes, removing any impurities from within the tubing, then evacuating the air and adding the gas. High quality raw materials and meticulous manufacturing processes are required to produce a colorful and truly appealing neon sign. Please note that all neon signs must meet the requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories to obtain a UL listing. They will be required to undergo a series of tests by independent testing agencies. Neon Signs must also meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code and outdoor signs must particularly comply with local building codes in their construction and wiring.

The latest Neon Sign designs include small, electronic transformers that eliminate the annoying audible hum of older designs. Neon signs that blink or neon signs that deceptively appear to move are regulated through programmable electronic controls.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Fixing of neon light repairs is a thankless job although it appears simple involving nothing more than a couple of bends, a few welds and a tube re-pump. But people who have actually fixed neon light repairs know that the actual task is quite complex entailing dissembling, cleaning, scraping, glass cracking and chipping, reeking smoke and lot more. There is no denying that Neon Sign have a unique appeal, and serve as items of marvel in homes, retail outlets and business establishments all over the world. You may be aware that neon signs are of high voltage - running on between 5,000 and 12,000 volts of electricity. In view of this, neon repairs should only be undertaken only by those comfortable working with high-power electrical wiring. Due to wide usage of both new and vintage neon signage, there should be no difficulty in procuring replacement parts.

The tools you will require to conduct neon sign repairs include needle nose pliers, replacement neon tubing, thin flexible metal wire and cutter and transformer replacement unit.

Ascertain if the neon tubing is broken by gently jiggling the tubing. If you notice breaks or even hairline cracks, remove that particular affected section of tubing This can be done by slowly unwinding the mounting wires either manually using your fingers or the needle nose pliers. Replace the damaged section with a new length of tubing made to match with the old one.

Quite often, Neon Light repairs may be because of failed transformer unit. Test the transformer unit to find out if current is passing through the transformer and is reaching the tubing. Disconnect the transformer wire leads from the tubing mount by removing the outer rubber casing, and unwinding the wires that are twisted together to make the connection. Hook the transformer to a piece of good tubing and if it does not illumine, then a failed transformer is the cause. Buy a replacement transformer.

You must check the cord for any signs of wear, breaks or other types of damage. Cords can be obtained easily from neon supply companies and they are quite inexpensive. Replace the damaged cord to freely carry the voltage that your sign requires.
Whenever you feel like brightening the neon sign, have a neon repair shop cut and then refill the neon tube with fresh neon gas and reseal the tubing. This is an economical way of giving fresh life to your neon sign than casting away a dimmed sign as useless.

Here is a bit of general advice - in order to render Neon Light repairs more trouble-free, make a pattern using the remaining tube. Because quite often, the original pattern or design may not be available and if you break the only remaining section of a sign, you will regret not having made a pattern.

Please note that no neon sign repair is complete unless you thoroughly inspect all the associated components - insulators and wiring, transformer and tube supports and electrode housings, chains, nuts and bolts, amongst others. It is essential you patiently check every sign item for rust, electrical arcing, even blocked air vents and plugged water drain holes wherever applicable. This complete item-by-item checking alone will assure you that the neon repair work undertaken is purposeful and lasting.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Neon Sign Technology

Neon sign technology has made its impact since 1675 before the age of electricity, though the cause of the light was not understood during that period. Later, scientists were able to invent many forms of lighting when the electricity principles were discovered. Many types of electric discharge lamps or vapor lamps were invented during 1900.

Neon Signs Invention

Georges Claude is the inventor of the First Neon Lamp. The word neon was derived from the Greek word "neos’ that means “new gas." By 1923, Georges Claude and his French company Claude Neon, introduced neon gas signs.

By 2009, Neon signs have become more popular. Even now, neon signs are one of the most effective ways to attract more customers to your business. Small neon signs are available in a variety of designs and themes. They can add a wonderful atmosphere to your room or business place. Smart use of neon signs and LED lighting can make wonders for your place. Neon signs have been in use as advertisement means for many years.

Neon Signs Advertisement

Neon signs are excellent advertisement means for promoting your business or product or idea. Neon signs can attract more customers to your business through their attractive look. Neon signs can be fixed at the entrance or inside of your office. They are highly effective and visible during both day and night time.

There are many different types of neon signs available in the market. The most common types of neon signs you can get easily are
  • Neon Bar Signs

  • Economical Neon Signs

  • Neon Beer Sign

  • Neon Patriotic Sign

  • Neon Famous Brand Sign

  • Neon Sports Sign

  • Neon Custom Sign

  • Open Neon Signs

  • Economical Neon Signs

  • Claude Neon Signs. etc..
Neon Signs for Business

Business Neon signs are extensively used by business people to advertise and promote their goods and products. Beer neon signs are excellent choice for bars and restaurants. Business Neon signs can be used at night clubs, ice cream parlors, pharmacy, bars, theatres, lounges, grocery, restaurants, cafe, bakery, hotels, hospitals, auto repairs shops, sports training centers, shopping arcades, martial art training centers, massage clinics, music and video shop, beauty clinics and hair styling shops, pawn shops, photo studios, etc. Custom neon signs can meet your personal or business needs. You can choose your own custom neon signs. Custom neon signs provide you the advantage to choose the size, text, font, style, borders, colors and images of the custom neon signs.

Some of the popular neon beer signs are

Neon Signs
  • Red Dog Beer neon sign
  • Budweiser Frog neon beer sign
  • Corona neon beer sign
  • New Phoenix Suns Budweiser Neon Light Beer Sign
  • Guitars Weapon Band Rock Bar Beer LED Neon Sign
  • New Los Angeles Lakers Budweiser Neon Light Beer Sign
  • New York Rangers Real Neon Light Beer BarSign

Some of the custom neon signs are
  • Beer Mug Neon Sign
  • Custom Game Room Neon Sign
  • Custom Cocktails Glass Neon Sign
  • Custom Margarita Glass Neon Sign
  • Custom Diner Coffee Cup Neon Sign
  • Custom Acoustic Guitar Neon Sign
  • Custom Race Car Neon Sign
  • Custom Flashing neon sign
Neon signs are attractive, eye-catching, durable, energy efficient and cost effective. They can decorate your room or bar shop besides attracting customers. Neon signs are really excellent gift idea for everyone irrespective of age. They can be the perfect gift to impress anyone besides adding fun and interest to any room. If you like to buy a neon sign, you can buy them through retail shops and online shops.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009




Process of Neon Signs

Benefits of Neon Signs

Neon signs prove a great potential in advertising for any business. They work well in places of large gatherings such as game rooms, restaurants, diners, manufacturing units, pubs & lounges, fraternity lounges & many other establishments.


Neon Claude, a French company, sold the first set of neon signs to a Packard car dealership in Los Angeles in 1923, for a deal of $24000. These "liquid fire" tubes soon became popular as they could glow in the night as well as in broad daylight. The signs have gained unparalleled popularity ever since & have eventually evolved tenfold technologically.


The color red is produced by the neon gas & other signs are not made of neon. Other colors were discovered using Mercury, Carbon-dioxide & Phosphor after the initial discovery of red light emitted from neon. More than 150 colors have been produced using these gases till date. Neon tubes are actually positive-charge-filled lamps.


Process of Neon Signs
All neon signs are made manually. Despite the growth & achievements in technology, the manufacturing of a sign just cannot be done by a machine. As per the requirements asked for, the artisan heats a glass tube into the shape requested for & then moulds the design & letterings. Air is allowed to enter into this tube to maintain its hollow shape during the process of heating & moulding. Once the designing is done, a suction pump is used to vacuum out the tubes, after which an inert gas is let into the tube & it is eventually this gas that determines the color of the neon sign. The gas gets ionized when current is passed through the glass-filled tube thus making it glow. Neon gas tubes have very long life spans ranging from ten to fifteen years as they do not contain any filament like an ordinary light bulb.

The main reason why owners should consider buying neon signs without any hesitation is simply because it is the future. Mankind is constantly evolving & working to produce things that lasts the tests of durability & constant quality. Being made of glass, they always run the risk of getting damaged resulting in the leakage of the gases. But, as they are inert, they are eco-friendly & are essentially non-toxic. Neon, Argon, Helium, krypton & Xenon are the gases currently used in the manufacture of neon signs.


Benefits of Neon Signs

One of the major challenges that any establishment would most commonly encounter is the space allotted for advertisement. Neon signs don't take up much space & even stand out in tiny crevices. The growth & popularity of neon signs as signboards has led to an increase in supply as the demand has increased, which in turn has been followed by the reduction of prices due to increased manufacture. Neon signs are considered as the most inexpensive, cost-effective, popular & vibrant methods of advertisements of the modern era. Also, as mentioned earlier, inert gases pose no harm or danger & there is absolutely no chance of bio-hazards as they do not react under adverse circumstances.

Neon signsare considered as an apt choice for advertisements as they can be viewed from a distance. They are capable of bringing in customers & are inexpensive. Numerous neon sign purchases are made by retail, franchise & advertising companies. Payload loan signs, bar signs, ATM signs, pizza takeaways & café signs & phone card signs are included in this.

Latest technology in the field of neon signs have made it more useful for publicity & branding. Considering the various applications of neon signs & implications of its utility factor, they can be resorted to with full confidence. Looking back at these factors & the benefits accruing there from, neon signs can be relied upon.


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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For those who may not be familiar, a neon sign may be simplistically described as a lighting display made of neon gas-filled glass tubes bent into the shape of letters or fascinating designs for decorative purposes. When heavy voltage electrical current is passed through the captured gas, the tubes emit light and the illumination lures all onlookers and passers by.

With the advancement of technology, today many other gases other than neon gas are used in the manufacture of neon signs. As a matter of fact, the most commonly used gas nowadays is Argon, or an argon-neon mixture. Pure neon gas are seldom used – although the nomenclature ‘neon signs’ remain. To enhance the intensity of the light, some manufacturers add a small amount of mercury to the argon to produce a powerful blue light.

To offer a wide array of bright and sparkling colors, manufacturers coat the glass tubes with a variety of tints and phosphor. Optical tints in various colors are also used and the glass at times is left clear without any tint, to create a strong blue light. Manufacturers also use xenon, krypton, and helium gases for bringing out special color effects.

Neon signs have very wide range of applications – a small advertisement to huge complicated designs as many businesses have begun to realize cost-effectiveness of neon sings as advertisement material.

It may be worthwhile to know that the glass tubing used in making neon signs is soft lead glass which is capable of being bent to shape. This glass is generally available in lengths of four to five feet and with varying diameter all below one inch.

Further, the electrodes in each end of the illuminated tubing are made from virgin iron surrounded by a cylindrical glass jacket having one end open. A wire is then attached to the metal electrode and passed through the closed end of the glass envelope. The closed end is sealed into the end of the sign tubing with the open end protrusion inserted into the tube.

The high-voltage electricity required is obtained by a transformer which – you will be surprised to know - converts 120 volts from the electrical lines to as high as 15,000 volts needed for the sign. The transformers, it must be noted, are connected to the electrodes in the sign by means of a special wire, known as GTO wire. This wire is also used to connect the individual sections of illuminated tubing in series. For safety purposes, the wire is connected to the transformer through an insulated housing made of a type of glass called borosilicate glass.

Though a mechanical process, manufacturing neon sign is a pleasant work experience. There is lot of scope for imagination and creativity as each sign is unique and must be designed bearing in mind the purpose why it is being installed and the available space for installation. The diameter of the tube, the minimum radius the tubing can be bent, and the overall length of tubing the transformer – are all the other parameters that can influence and restrict the design.

The exact step-by-step process of manufacturing Neon Signs is as follows:

  • Lengths of glass tubing are cleaned and placed vertically in a coating machine which penetrates liquid phosphor suspension into the tube for eventual draining. The tubes are exposed to heat for the coating to dry. Color tints are applied in a similar manner.

  • The glass tubing is gently heated and softened using a variety of burners to facilitate bending. Using the asbestos template as a guide, the tubing is bent by hand.

  • Thereafter a process known as bombarding is used to remove any impurities from the glass, phosphors, and electrodes.

  • Once the tube has cooled, the gas is inserted under low pressure. The tabulated port is then heated and sealed off.

  • The finished gas-filled tubing is put through an aging process to allow the gas in the tube to stabilize and operate properly. A transformer, often rated slightly higher than the normal operating current, is attached to the electrodes.

  • Small neon signs are mounted on their framework and wired in the shop. Larger signs may be mounted in pieces and put into place on the building or other support structure where they are interconnected and wired.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Neon signs are being increasingly used by businesses because they are effective publicity tools where the cost benefit ratio is high. Most bar owners are of the view nothing lures the commuting public more than a radiant brilliantly glowing neon beer sign. Neon Signs offer a very effective and affordable way to advertise business - particularly restaurant, bar, or retail store. A high-quality, genuine Neon Beer Sign will provide added attraction to the bar and its bright glowing neon glass will generate attention from all passers by.

Beer has a long history of being one of the most favored beverages of many people. To further attract new customers and increase the sales of beer, bar owners are investing in eye-catchy neon Beer signs. Neon signs are available in various colors like red, green and yellow. Neon beer signs have become a popular adornment in most bars and on the walls of many restaurants and many beer enthusiasts are hanging neon beer signs even in their homes.

Different color neon beer signs are available. Manipulating the gas within the glass tubes can create different colors. Neon sign gas gives bright red-orange color and argon gas mixed with mercury provides pale blue color. Pure unmixed argon gas creates faint purple. But if inside part of the glass tube is coated with phosphors, then different colors of neon signs are possible. As a matter of fact, phosphor coated tubes are available in different colors - such as purple, green, white. Neon sign tubes can also be easily molded to create any desired shape or design. Beer signs are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes and the possibilities are truly endless.

Neon beer signs have a life span of 80,000 to 100,000 ours. You can easily install or remove them without outside technical help. In the night these glowing signs are so distinct and hard to miss. Beer neon lights also send out the message to customers that the bar is open. Many beer bars have neon signs both outside and inside the pubs. To add further glamour to the bar, you can try having neon lights inside the bar and at bar counters.

Many bars imaginatively have names of the beer in neon signs which helps clients to know whether the beer of their choice is being served. Neon beer signs are available from a wide price range. Prices vary depending on the size, number of colors used, the complexities involved in the manufacturing and such other factors. Businesses can purchase neon beer signs online vendor or can contact their local bar equipment stores. Special custom made neon beer signs can also be got done.

Neon beer designs can be made to incorporate any colors and styles can also be crafted to match any décor or ambience. Neon beer signs are a great way to not only illuminate an establishment, but to advertise upcoming events, special sales, or new products. Combining these, the neon beer signs can create the exact feel and energy of a room, which will keep customers excited and satisfied for constant repeat business.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Neon lights are great for party decoration and can be used after the event as a wonderful gift. Colorful neon lights add life to your party. Neon lights can serve as a festive addition to any party. Neon lights are wonderful delight to your eyes during night time. Neon lights can add fun and value to the party with bright color and decoration enhancement.

Neon Light SignNeon lights are amazing and can add fun and pleasure for parties such as Halloween parties, New Year parties, Earth Day Parties, Cinco de Mayo Parties, Mothers Day Parties, Easter Parties, Graduation Parties, Secretaries Day Parties, evening barbecue party, retro party, Passover Parties and Glow sticks parties. Neon lights can add fun and thrill to the party electric atmosphere. Neon lights can draw attention to a particular area in the party hall. The neon lights are reflective and colorful for any party scene, and are perfect for your dance floor.

Neon party lights are available in different colors, such as red, yellow, reddish orange, purple, green, blue, etc. There are available in different shapes such as bulb shaped, twisted shaped, star-shaped, etc. Neon Lights are available in fun colors and styles for any theme party.

Neon Bar SignsA few sets of neon lights and neon lights themed party goods can set the party atmosphere with fun and spirit. Though you have a wide choice of neon lights, the one that is specifically made for party purposes would be a great means to boost your party pleasure. There are many varieties of neon party lights to add fun, fashion, decoration or even safety to your exciting party. The best neon party lights suitable for your party must depend on your party and how you plan to use them. You can easily set up neon lights at any party.

Custom Neon SignsSome of the neon lights suitable for party purpose are Electric Star Lights, Fiesta Lights, Chili Pepper Lights, Electric Cactus Lights , Tiki Island Lights , Tropical Lights , Luau Lights, Football Lights, Music Note Lights, Rock N' Roll Lights, Pumpkin Electric Lights, Merry Christmas Lights, Umbrella Lights, Flip Flop Lights, Watermelon Lights, Patriotic Lantern Light, Party To Go Light Set, Red Police Light, neon Traffic Light, LED Signal Light, Pirate Neon Light, Mini Black Strobe Light, Glitter Lamp, Princess Motion Lamp, Multicolor Fiber Light, Blue Fiber Optic Light, Light Up Football, Light Up Baseball, Snowflake Luminaries, Pirate Neon Light, Neon Plastic Gangster Hats, Magic Galaxy Wand, neon gangster hats, etc.

Neon LightsNeon lights themed party goods with the neon lights patterns are very attractive and excite you with fun-filled surprise. The light patterns on neon lights themed party goods glow well during both day and night times. Some examples of neon lights themed party goods are paper cups, plates, and napkins having chromatic light patterns printed against black background. Neon light-up glasses such as flashing neon green glasses are a wonderful surprise for any party.

Neon lights add a special touch to flatter any small or large occasion/party. Your guests will enjoy themselves surrounded by neon lights. Its fun to surprise your party guests with neon lights suited for party favors and decorations. Wonderfully decorated neon party lights are sure to make any guest feel like being in paradise. You can even give simple neon light gifts to your young guests.

Adding a bit of decorations with neon lights will make your party more enjoyable. Arrange your party with neon party lights in order to make even your simple party as an awesome, wild party.

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